12″ Bamboo Rod

$2.73 inc GST

Compliment your wall hangings with these strong and durable, organic and sustainably sourced bamboo rods to achieve that earthy look.

Coupled with any of the naturally-toned Bonnie cords and wooden beads, the bamboo rods are wonderful for wall hangings or perhaps even straight purse handles. It’s up to you!

Each bamboo rod has it’s own unique markings so no two rods will be identical. The poles are stained to a rich natural reed which will complement wooden accents such as Walnut and Natural beads, or even Unfinished (Raw) beads (stain them any colour you like!)

Due to the natural quality of the dowels, the thickness of the rod may vary slightly. Each dowel is roughly 30cm long and 16mm thick.

Recommended weight limit: 4.5KG or less.

Sustainably sourced and imported from China.

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